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Attic venting with a Solar Powered Attic Fan is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, energy efficient home. At EES Services Energy Products our Solar Powered Attic Fans work with your existing passive vents to improve air circulation. Adding a Solar Powered Attic Fan from EES Services is an affordable home improvement that in time, will pay for itself. Cooling your attic space in the summer can reduce you air conditioning costs significantly

Attic Fan With & Without

Key Features of Solar Powered Attic Fans:

* Solar powered – operates for free during the day.

* Adjustable solar panel bracket to achieve optimal solar exposure.

* Low-profile unit blends seamlessly into roof line.

* Water tight – will not leak and is maintenance free.

* Fits any roof pitch and adapts to most roofing systems.

* Stainless steel screen keeps out debris, bugs, birds and rodents.

* Quick and easy installation – very few steps to complete.

* No structural changes, wiring or painting required.

Learn How a Solar Powered Attic Fan Extends the Life of Your Roof and Reduces the Load on Your Air Conditioner!

Attic Fan Heat Cold

The reason for attic ventilation with a Solar Powered Attic Fan is to lower the attic temperature during the warmer months. Attic temperatures can reach 160°F or more during hot summer days. Proper attic ventilation with a Solar Powered Attic Fan can reduce those temperatures by as much as 40°F. No matter how much insulation is in the attic, heat can still transfer into adjacent living spaces. In fact, extra insulation can actually add to temperature increases because heat is trapped in the insulation. Proper ventilation with a Solar Powered Attic Fan removes this excess heat build-up. As the heat is exhausted, the workload of your air conditioning system is reduced, thereby saving energy costs and even extending the life of your air conditioning system.

Solar Powered Attic Fans Reduce Unwanted Moisture Build-up in Your Attic…

During the cooler months, unwanted moisture is a serious concern. Even with the use of vapor barriers to keep moisture from entering the attic, there are air leaks around ceiling light fixtures and bathroom exhaust fans that allow unwanted moisture into the attic. Moisture condensing on the framing structure and roof deck can lead to the growth of mold, mildew and rot in the roof deck and framing.

Solar Attic Fan

High impact adjustable solar panel – 10, 20, 30 or 50 watt available

Seamless, commercial pure grade aluminum powder-coated housing

Direct current, long-lasting, quiet motor with a 25 year warranty

5-blade, non-corrosive aluminum, wind precision balanced fan

Stainless steel protective animal screen

Seamless, commercial pure grade aluminum powder-coated flashing

Solar Powered Attic Fan Models for Residential Homes…

Solat Attic Fan

EES Services carries Solar Powered Attic Fans for all roof types and roof pitches. The roof-mounted Solar Powered Attic Fan is our most popular residential model, and installs directly on most roof types including shingle, shake and tile roofs. EES Services Solar Powered Attic Fans are so energy efficient, they qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits as defined in the Emergency Stabilization Act as a residential photovoltaic system.

Warranty and Certifications:

25 Year Product Warranty – Best in the Industry!

Qualifies for Federal Solar Tax Credits

The Original Adjustable Solar Panel

Made in the USA

Tax Credit
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