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Chimney Sweep & Repair

Keep Your Chimney & Fireplace In Peak Condition With EES Services.

EES SERVICES is a family owned and operated chimney sweep and masonry chimney restoration company.

We utilize current industry technology for service and maintenance of your chimney.

One of the best amenities you can have in your home or business is a fireplace – not just for additional heating, but also for ambiance. Of course, a fireplace that is neglected or in disrepair won’t give you the same enjoyment, but can instead be a threat and an eyesore. But we’re here to help with that. If you have a fireplace and chimney in your home or office, the team at EES Services can help you keep it looking and functioning the way that it should.

We provide comprehensive chimney and fireplace care, from sweepings and inspections to masonry repairs and relining services. we provide any service that will benefit your chimney system and allow you to enjoy its warmth and ambiance for years to come.

Cracked Cement Crown

All Types of Cleanings & Inspections:

• Masonry and Pre-Fabricated Fireplaces

• Inserts and Free Standing Stoves

• Gas and Oil Furnaces

Why Is Sweeping So Important?

Damage Terra Cotta Chiney Flue

Professional chimney sweeping services should be regularly performed to:

Remove flammable debris (like nesting materials) – It’s not uncommon to find nesting materials, leaves, and other flammable debris inside of a chimney system, especially if the system lacks important components like a cap or crown. During a chimney sweeping, we check for things that may have made their way into the system and remove them so that you aren’t at high risk of a chimney fire.

Remove flammable and destructive deposits (like creosote) – Creosote and other corrosive and flammable byproducts can build up along the walls of your chimney liner, your appliance, and other components of your chimney system or fireplace. Unfortunately, these byproducts can cause serious decay to both masonry and metal, compromising the integrity and safe function of the entire system. When we sweep a chimney, we work hard to thoroughly and effectively remove all of these byproducts so that you can enjoy your system for the long haul.

inefficient, ineffective, and wasteful chimney system. Regular sweepings aRemove any blockages within the flue (like animals or nesting materials) – In addition to increasing the risk of chimney fire, animals, nesting materials, debris, and deposits can actually block airflow and leave you with an re designed to locate and remove anything that may be blocking or restricting airflow and causing problems with the system.

Chmney Animal Removal

Chimney Inspection.

Use Your Appliance With Confidence – Schedule Annual Chimney Inspections!

You see, the majority of the chimney system is unseen by the naked eye, which makes identifying real or potential problems or weaknesses within the system virtually impossible. But our sweeps know what to look for and how to look for it, which is why professional inspections are so important.

Without the proper equipment and a great deal of industry knowledge, grading the condition, efficiency, and overall safety of your chimney system and appliance is largely guesswork. Unfortunately, many homeowners go years, even decades, without scheduling a professional chimney inspection, which is not only risky to the health and well being of the family living in the home, but to the wallet of the homeowner and even to the home itself.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to get a close look at the chimney system and appliance, from the top of the chimney stack, all the way down to the hearth opening. We check for any damages or defects, and can even identify inefficiencies and areas of weakness before significant problems arise. So whether you’re noticing issues with your system or not, be sure to make professional chimney inspections a regular (annual) occurrence in your home

Chimney Video Inspection
Chimney Video Inspection

The When & Why Behind The Three Levels Of Inspections.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) [Link to], there are three different levels of inspections, each necessary at different times and for different reasons.

Here’s the breakdown:

Level 1 Inspection – A Level 1 Inspection is considered the most standard of inspections, and is conducted with simple tools: a flashlight and the naked eye. During a Level 1 Inspection, we’ll simply take a quick look in your chimney and make sure that there are no visible blockages or damages. Typically, this is the level of inspection you would have if your system was working normally, without problem and without change.

Level 2 Inspection – A Level 2 Inspection is a bit more thorough, and requires the use of a chimney camera. Here at EES, we use the chimney inspection camera to get a close-up view of the interior of the chimney, from top to bottom. We’ll examine every aspect of the chimney and appliance that is easily accessible, and check for any damages, defects, blockages, or other problems or weaknesses. A LEVEL TWO INSPECTION IS REQUIRED UPON THE SALE OR TRANSFER OF A PROPERTY; when a change is being made to the system (i.e. new appliance, new fuel type, new liner, etc.); when a natural disaster may have impacted the system (i.e. tornado, earthquake, strong storm, etc.); when there has been a building or chimney fire; or when the system is showing signs of problems.

Level 3 Inspection – A Level 3 Inspection is really a last resort because it may involve the removal of parts of the chimney system or home. If we can’t locate or identify the problem with a Level 1 or Level 2 Inspection, a Level 3

Inspection may be the only way to identify whether or not the system is still safe for use.

Chimney Repair

EES Services is ready to assist you in the maintenance and repair of your fireplace or chimney. Our chimney technicians will review any type of light chimney repair or maintenance that is recommended for your home.

Chimneys are often one of the most neglected, undetected, or misdiagnosed systems in the modern American household. This is unfortunate, since the safe operation of our fireplaces and wood stoves requires a properly working chimney. During your annual chimney inspection, our certified chimney sweeps will be able to determine the condition of your chimney and offer solutions for chimney repair and maintenance should it be required. Most chimney venting complaints are the result of poor draft, excessive water vapor and corrosion inside the flue resulting in blocked flues.

Chimney Repair BeforeAnd After

Our chimney services include:

Masonry and Pre-Fabricated Fireplaces

Inserts and Free Standing Stoves

Gas and Oil Furnace

Animal removal

Rain and animal guards

Top mount dampers installation

Exhausto Chimney fan

Relining systems

Pre-fab fireplace panel replacement

Custom chase cover replacement


Chimney rebuilding

Masonry tuck-pointing

Concrete crowns

Chimney Firebox rebuilding

And more…

Rusted Chimney Chase Top
Stainless Steel Chimney Chase Cover
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